Europa Conference League

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The Europa Conference League is the third most important European competition behind the Europa League and the Champions League. Despite not being as grandiose as the Champions League or having rich history like the Europa League it is still considered a top competition that sees some top clubs battle it out for a chance at silverware.

The Europa Conference League is often disregarded and seen as a less important competition in comparison to the two other European competitions. However, in many people’s eyes it is actually the most interesting. The Conference League provides an opportunity for teams to partake in a European competition who would not usually be able to qualify for the Champions or Europa League. It allows fans of the smaller clubs to watch their team travel around Europe  playing high-quality football and it allows neutrals to watch teams and players they wouldn’t normally watch as typically it is the same group of teams that qualify and make it far in the Champions League. 

Europa Conference League History

The Europa Conference League was founded as recently as 2021, and already has plans to be renamed to the Conference League in the 2024-25 season. 

In 2022, Feyenoord and Roma became the first teams to reach the Conference League final, with Roma then becoming the first ever team to win it after beating Feyenoord 1-0. This victory made Jose Mourinho the first ever manager to win all 3 European competitions. The most recent winner was West Ham United. West Ham claimed their first ever piece of European silverware in their game against Fiorentina, beating them 2-1. 

With only 2 seasons being played a lot of records are very new. For example the teams to have won the most Conferences leagues are Roma and West Ham with 1 each. 

The top goalscorer in the Europa Conference League is Arthur Cabral with 12 goals. Behind him is Cyriel Dessers with 10 goals. Cyriel Dessers scored all of those goals in one campaign and holds the record for most goals in the Conference League in one season. 

Basel are the team with the most matches played in the Conference League and are also the team with the most number of matches won, with 34 and 18 respectively. Basel have also scored the most goals in the competition with 62 which is significantly more than second place, Slavia Praha, with 48.

It’s important to note that with the competition being so new all of these records will change as the competition grows older. 


As it currently stands all teams are still in the qualifying rounds and no groups have been decided. No team is guaranteed to be in the Europa League as of right now, however there are some teams we feel confident will qualify and even go on to win the competition.

Aston Villa, Athletic Bilbao, and Frankfurt are these teams. Aston Villa are a squad with great quality who will certainly be favourites to win just like Athletic Bilbao. Frankfurt won the Europa League in 2022 so this squad has experience performing in European competitions and will look to add more silverware.

It’s important to remember that some teams from the Europa League will drop down after the group stage and fight for a place in the Conference League knockouts. We don’t know which these teams are at the moment, however, whichever team is able to make it into the knockouts will most likely immediately become frontrunner for the trophy alongside the 3 previously mentioned teams.