EFL Championship Table

The EFL Championship, often referred to simply as the Championship, is the second-tier professional football league in England, sitting just below the prestigious English Premier League (EPL). Established in 2004, the Championship replaced the old First Division and has since become a highly competitive and thrilling competition in its own right.

Comprising 24 teams, the league operates on a promotion and relegation system similar to the EPL. At the end of each season, the top two teams are promoted directly to the Premier League, while the next four teams compete in the playoffs, with the winner also earning promotion. On the other hand, the three bottom-placed teams face relegation to the third-tier league, known as League One.

The Championship boasts a unique blend of seasoned professionals, talented youngsters, and former Premier League players, making it a breeding ground for future stars and an arena for redemption for those seeking to return to top-flight football.

The league is renowned for its unpredictability, intense matches, and passionate fanbases, with packed stadiums creating an electric atmosphere. Clubs in the Championship often have rich histories and loyal supporters who travel far and wide to cheer on their teams.

Additionally, the Championship has seen its fair share of dramatic promotion battles and heart-breaking relegations, adding to the excitement and drama that unfolds throughout the season.

The financial stakes in the Championship are also significant, as clubs compete for the lucrative rewards of Premier League promotion and the financial windfall that accompanies it.

Overall, the EFL Championship is a captivating league in its own right, capturing the essence of English football with its competitiveness, unpredictability, and dedication to the beautiful game. It continues to be a platform where players and clubs strive for glory and where dreams of Premier League football are made or shattered.