Domestic Leagues

Domestic football leagues make for the foundation of a football fan’s enjoyment. They provide thrill and drama week in week out and create a spectacle that football fans can’t help but watch. Each country around the world has its own unique league that provides entertainment for the entirety of that country.

The top football countries around the world are England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and America. England’s top footballing league is known as the Premier League and is home to many of the best teams around the world. It is also home to the current treble winners Manchester City and has been a dominant force in football for centuries. 

Spain’s top league, La Liga, is also a renowned league. La Liga has been home to some of the greatest teams and players to ever play the game in history. Most recently it has been home to the great Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry. Two of the greatest players to ever play the game played for rival clubs for many years and this was one of the greatest spectacles ever in football. 

Football in Italy is typically defensively sound however things have been changing in the Serie A in recent years. Juventus has dominated the league throughout the years, scoring countless goals, however recently the Milan sides and Napoli have all had a resurgence and are back, better than ever. WIth goal threats such as Oshimen, Rafeal Leao and Lautaro Martinez, this league is once again a very exciting league. 

Football in Germany and France is dominated by two teams, Bayern Munich and PSG. However German league the Bundesliga is known for being fast paced and high scoring and France’s league, Ligue 1, is known for being very physical and technical. Both leagues despite dominance are very exciting leagues with other top teams within them. 

Americans top league the MLS works very differently to other leagues around the world but still makes for a very interesting and enjoyable competition. 

International Competitions

International competitions in football do not come around often, but when they do, they become the focus points of millions of people’s lives for their duration. A celebration of the best football players and cultures, international competitions are many fans’ favourite competitions. 

The World Cup is one of these competitions and by far the biggest. Featuring the best national teams from around the world, this is the biggest football competition. The most recent winners were Lionel Messi’s Argentina, beating a stunning France squad in a thrilling 3-3 final that finished on penalties. The next world cup will be taking place in 2026 and will be a spectacle in the footballing world. 

Then there is the Euros which similarly to the world cup takes place every 4 years. This competition features only teams from Europe but is still one of the biggest competitions. The next Euros will take place in 2024. Although the teams have not yet been decided and are still in the qualifying rounds, we at Balls Out Bet predict a final between France and England, given they are on opposite sides of the group. France have always been a team with incredibly high quality, whereas England have been consistently making it deep into competitions as of recent. England were runners up at the 2020 Euros with a very young squad. With 4 years more experience this England team could go all the way.