EFL League One Table

EFL League One, often simply referred to as League One, is the third-tier professional football league in England, sitting below the English Football League Championship and above League Two. Established in 2004 as part of a major rebranding of the English football league system, League One has grown in popularity and competitiveness over the years.

Comprising 24 clubs, the league operates on a promotion and relegation system similar to the higher divisions. At the end of each season, the top two teams secure automatic promotion to the Championship, while the next four teams battle it out in the playoffs, with the winner also earning a spot in the higher division. Conversely, the bottom four teams are relegated to League Two.

League One offers a blend of experienced players, young talents, and some former Premier League and Championship stars looking to reignite their careers. This mix of players ensures an exciting and unpredictable season, where any team can cause an upset and challenge for promotion.

The league showcases some historic clubs with passionate fanbases, and matches are often played in front of vibrant crowds, creating a unique and lively atmosphere. The competitive nature of the league ensures that each fixture is keenly contested, with every team striving to achieve their respective goals.

League One provides a vital platform for clubs to develop young talent and groom future stars, with several players using the division as a springboard to make their mark in higher leagues and even the international stage.

Overall, EFL League One is a crucial part of the English football pyramid, embodying the essence of the sport with its competitive spirit, dedication, and excitement. It continues to be a stepping stone for clubs and players on their journey to success, making it an integral and cherished component of English football.