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French football is split into two tiers with relegation and promotion from each division being granted to the best and worst teams in the league. This is the same as most European football leagues.

Ligue 1 is the top French League and it is every French team’s dream to not only make it to this division but hopefully one day win the Ligue 1 title. French football has no distinct style but is known for having athletic and technical players.

Ligue 1 History

Ligue 1, the top professional football league in France, was officially created in 1932 under the name “National” and later renamed “Division 1” in 2002. The inaugural season took place in 1932-1933, and the first team to win the league was Olympique Lillois. Since then, the league has undergone various changes in format and structure.

The latest team to win Ligue 1 was Paris-Saint Germin, or, PSG. PSG has dominated the French league in recent years and is the latest team to win the Ligue 1. The season before last Lille OSC won the French league, ending PSG’s dominance, however, only temporarily. 

AS Saint-Etienne were the most successful French team. They have won the league a record ten times, winning it in the following seasons: 1956, 1964, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1974, 1976, and 1981 with Marseille being a close second with nine titles. Due to PSG’s recent dominance they have overtaken both clubs and are now France’s top club with 11 league titles and 40 major honours.

In terms of all-time goalscorers, the player with the most goals in Ligue 1 history is Delio Onnis. The Argentine-born striker played for several clubs in France, including Stade de Reims, AS Monaco, and Tours FC. He netted a remarkable total of 299 goals during his career in Ligue 1.

Regarding appearances, the player with the most all-time appearances in Ligue 1 is Mickaël Landreau. The French goalkeeper played for clubs like FC Nantes, Paris Saint-Germain, and Lille OSC, amassing a total of 618 appearances in the league.

When it comes to clean sheets, the goalkeeper with the most all-time clean sheets in Ligue 1 history is Grégory Coupet. Throughout his career with clubs like AS Saint-Étienne and Olympique Lyonnais, Coupet kept an impressive 131 clean sheets in Ligue 1 matches.

The team that has scored the most goals in Ligue 1 history is Olympique de Marseille. They hold the record for the highest number of goals scored in the league, surpassing the 2,000-goal mark.

When does Ligue 1 start?

Ligue 1’s 2023/24 season will begin on the weekend commencing the 12th of August, and the last games will be played on the 18th May 2024. The main bulk of the season is played in 2 halves, with an international break allowing for competitions like the UEFA Champions League to be played.

Who will win The Ligue 1 2023-24 season?

The French League, despite being a very physically demanding and technical league, has lacked competition in recent years. Despite teams like Lille OSC winning the league and teams like Monaco, Stade Rennais and many more all challenging the winner most years is PSG. With the budget PSG have to spend, we predict that they will continue to win the league this season.