Global Football Divisions

Countries around the globe have their own football leagues, each with its own unique structure. In Spanish football and football in France, for example, the football structure consists of two divisions. This is a common pattern seen in various footballing nations like France, Germany, and others.

The top German football league is known as the Bundesliga. Like the English Premier League, the Bundesliga is renowned for its high-quality football and passionate fanbase. The Bundesliga also operates on a promotion and relegation system, with teams aiming to secure their spot in the top division or fight their way back if they face relegation.

Bundesliga History

The Bundesliga, Germany’s top professional football league, was founded on August 24, 1963. The inaugural season took place in 1963-1964, with 16 teams participating. The first champion of the Bundesliga was 1. FC Köln (Cologne), clinching the title in the 1963-1964 season.

The most recent winner however was Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich have extended their title winning run to 10 titles in a row after taking the title away from Borussia Dortmund on the final day of the season. Bayern Munich has been the dominant force in the Bundesliga, winning the most seasons. They have claimed the league title a record 31 times, showcasing their consistent success in German football. The player with the most all-time goals in Bundesliga history is Gerd Müller. The legendary striker, who spent the majority of his career with Bayern Munich, scored a remarkable 365 goals during his time in the league.

In terms of the most all-time appearances, Karl-Heinz Körbel holds the record. The former Eintracht Frankfurt defender featured in 602 Bundesliga matches, displaying his longevity and dedication to his club.

The goalkeeper with the most all-time clean sheets in Bundesliga history is Oliver Kahn. The Bayern Munich icon kept an impressive 196 clean sheets during his career, solidifying his reputation as one of the greatest goalkeepers in Bundesliga history.

Bayern Munich is also the team that has scored the most goals in Bundesliga history. The club has consistently displayed a potent attacking style, resulting in a remarkable goal tally over the years. With 31 titles to their name, Bayern Munich has won the most Bundesliga championships. Their success has been built on a combination of talented players, strong management, and a winning culture. One such player is Thomas Muller. Thomas Muller is the player with the most assists in Bundesliga history. The Bayern Munich midfielder has showcased his playmaking abilities throughout his career, providing numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

When does the Bundesliga start?

The Bundesliga season will begin on the 18th of August, 2023, and runs through until May 18 of the next year. The Champions League causes the season to last longer as it causes just one of the international breaks.

Who Will Win The Bundesliga 2023-24 season?

Bayern Munich are surely the title favourites again this season. With a talented squad rich in depth, they are the team most likely to win the Bundesliga and extend their unbeaten streak further. 

Last season, Dortmund looked to be title winners until the last day of the season where they dropped points and Bayern were able to overtake them. This season, Dortmund will look to fight for the title once again however with the strength of Bayern’s squad it will be a hard task.