National League Table

The Vanarama National League, formerly known as the National League, is the fifth and highest level of the English football pyramid, sitting directly below the EFL League Two. Established in 1979, the league has grown in stature over the years and is home to some of the most historic and ambitious non-league football clubs in England.

Comprising 24 teams, the Vanarama National League operates on a promotion and relegation system, with the champions securing automatic promotion to League Two. Additionally, the teams finishing second to seventh compete in playoffs, offering one more promotion spot to the Football League. However, due to the unique setup, no teams are relegated directly from the National League. Instead, the bottom four clubs enter a playoff with regional winners of the National League North and National League South to determine relegation and promotion.

The Vanarama National League showcases a blend of professional and semi-professional teams, featuring both seasoned players and promising talents aiming to make their mark in the football world. The competitive nature of the league often leads to thrilling encounters and closely contested matches.

What sets the National League apart is its rich tradition of giant-killing runs in domestic cup competitions, where non-league teams have defied the odds to defeat clubs from higher divisions. These magical moments add to the allure of the league and offer an opportunity for clubs to gain national recognition.

The league’s dedicated fanbases create a vibrant atmosphere in the stadiums, fostering a strong sense of community and local pride. Many clubs have close ties with their supporters, and the fans play an integral role in the success and survival of these non-league institutions.

The Vanarama National League serves as a stepping stone for aspiring clubs on their journey to reach the professional ranks and is a testament to the passion and dedication that exists throughout English football at all levels. It continues to be a vital part of the football landscape, providing a stage for dreams to be realized and underdogs to shine brightly.