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Content writing for your blog can be a straightforward way of getting your site back on the SERPs and performing well. In this guide we will go over all the details in how to make high-quality content your readers will love. By the end of this piece hopefully you will have a better understanding why we are going to start blogging more consistently and how exactly to do it successfully. 

Why Are We Writing Content?

Blog content writing is an SEO strategy which is used to help your site perform betting in the SERPS. By posting high-quality content it makes your site more visible to people using search engines such as Google or Bing. Blog content can make your site more visible in many ways with one being that it offers an opportunity for organic click-through rate. By releasing helpful blogs with effective anchor text you are able to create an additional channel for customers to find your site. Customers may search a question, read your blog, then explore more of your site or use the anchor text to visit other pages. 

Furthermore blog content also helps with index coverage. Google will index and rank any content that you upload as long as it deems the content as useful or of a high-quality. The more high-quality content you have the more Google will crawl your site and display your pages in the SERPs. By consistently uploading content you can also ensure that your page is frequently indexed. 

We recommend that you take time to read up on google’s helpful content update in order to deepen your understanding about what google deems as useful and what it does not. 

Target Audience

When beginning to create content first it is necessary to understand who you are writing for and to identify a suitable tone of voice. Think about the intent of the blog is it to push sales, inform people, raise awareness and so on. Given the nature of Signatures Limited this content will be primarily geared towards pushing sales through informative content. Furthermore your target audience is other business owners and companies, so this should be accounted for when writing content. 


Once you have identified how you are going to write it’s time to figure out what to write about. Keyword research is an essential step in the content creation process as it allows you to determine what content your customers want to read about as well as what content will perform the best within Google’s ranking.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is another crucial step in blog writing as internal links can help improve the strength of your site as well as improving the user-friendliness of your blog and page. Internally linking from a blog to another page on your site creates a clear path for potential customers to follow. Internal links make it easier for customers to navigate your site and it helps crawlers figure out the organisation of your site. 

Internal linking can reduce bounce rates as users will stay for longer on your site viewing different pages, and it allows search engines to understand your site and index and rank the page more efficiently. All of this and more is why internal links are a vital step in the blog content strategy.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the phrase, or line of text which will be used to hold the internal link. The anchor text needs to be relevant to the direction of the link in order to help direct traffic in a certain direction. Let’s say for example you want to direct users to a products page you can use the name of the product as the anchor text within your blog


Images are great for SEO as they can provide relevant information which can better drive traffic to your site. With the use of an alt-text you can also describe what the image is to google giving the crawlers more information to index which in turn can make your page stronger. Images are important not just for SEO but also for other user-experience making your content eye-catching and interesting to potential customers. 

Title Tag

Titles are an opportunity to provide FAQ’s to readers and target long-tail keywords. They also provide a catchy tagline which can attract readers on the search pages. 


By using these tips you can make high-quality content which is sure to bring in new readers and improve traffic to your site. By doing this consistently you can be sure to see your site improve within Googles rankings.